(Video) North Korea Airs Footage Of Trump Saluting North Korean General

In a video arranged by North Korean state media, President Trump is seen saluting a North Korean military official.

Two days after President Donald Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, North Koreans got their first glimpse into the historic summit by way of a 42-minute video broadcast on state media.

Part way through the footage, there comes a scene where Trump is shaking hands with an array of North Korean officials, and an awkward exchange comes when the president greets a military official.

From The Hill:

Kim can be seen shaking Trump's hand before the president turns to shake the hand of a North Korean officer standing next to Kim. The officer, confused, salutes Trump instead, prompting the president to salute back.

U.S. presidents generally salute U.S. service members, but do not salute members of other nation's militaries.

Watch above.