(Video) In Nebraska, A Trump Voter Declares: 'They Forgot About Us Deplorables'

In Nebraska, Trump voters claim that their support for the President is not deterred by the constant chaos surrounding his administration.

"I am really impressed with all of the things that he has accomplished. Most of us just want to make sure that we have a pay check, and no one is threatening our life."

- Bob Hilger, Nebraska

"If they just let him be president, if they media would leave him alone, if they come together...but he always has to sidestep something."

- Ann Sabata, Nebraska

" It's rough for him, he's got to get everybody together, he's got to get the Republicans back on board, as well as the Democrats and all of this other small diddly stuff, I'll call it, what...Russia. The American people want to see results already...

(continues) They (the rest of America) just laughed...they said "running for President, are you kidding"...nobody took that guy (Trump) serious...well, they forgot about us deplorables here in the Midwest, they totally forgot about us."

- Larry Sabata, Nebraska