(Video) Far From A 'Low-Level Volunteer', Papadopoulos Met With Foreign Officials On Behalf Of Trump

While Donald Trump claims his foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos was a 'low-level volunteer', in reality, Papadopoulos was meeting notables from Greece in the capacity as an official liaison of Donald Trump. He was also mingling with Republican elites as conservative functions.

This is how Trump describes George Papadopoulos:

Here is a photo of Papadopoulos with the President of Greece.

Here is a photo of George Papadopoulos with Republican elites.

This is how representatives of Greece described their meeting with George Papadopoulos. Notice, they call him a 'national security adviser', maybe that was a fabrication on Papadopoulos part, but apparently Trump played along with it, because he was useful at the time.

Where did Papadopoulos meet with the Greek Representatives? Trump tower.