(Video) Colombian Immigrant Family Attacked By Bat-Wielding Man

The man wielding the bat believed that the family from Colombia were members of ISIS.

Canadian police have made an arrest in what seems to have been a hate-filled attack against a Colombian family in a mall parking lot. The video above shows moments just before the attack, which left one victim with a broken rib and severe bruising.

The alleged victim, Sergio Estepa, told CBC that the incident started when he and his partner went to the mall to meet their son after school. After the family was reunited, they said, they were approached by a man wielding a baseball bat.

The man accuses the family of being terrorists and tells them they're under arrest:

“Isis! We have Isis right here! Isis!” the man yells.

Estepa suffered his injuries while protecting his 13-year-old son once the assailant began swinging his bat. The man ran off after the incident but was later apprehended.

Police-reported hate crimes in Canada increased by 3 percent last year, according to Statistics Canada. The increase was largely due to a rise in crimes against South Asians and Arabs or West Asians, the Jewish population, and LGBTQ people.

"It's disturbing,” St Thomas Sergeant Brian Carnegie told CBC of the latest alleged attack. “This was an isolated and quite disturbing incident. Hopefully it remains isolated.”