VIDEO: CNN Makes Supercut Of Trump Mocking People Suffering From Illnesses

Screengrab / Brad Reed / YouTube


In 2016, Donald Trump mocked Hillary Clinton for having pneumonia. In 2020, he attacks Joe Biden's mental status.

CNN’s John Avlon highlighted on Monday during his “Reality Check” segment the “karmic twist” of President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis with a supercut of the times Trump tried to use his Democratic opponents’ health as a political weapon.

  • Avlon wished Trump & other WH officials a “speedy recovery, but added: ”It’s a karmic twist, because Trump has deployed the politics of sickness in this campaign & the last, trying to stir rumors that his democratic opponents were seriously ill.”
  • The segment then cuts to a clip of Trump mocking Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia in 2016: “Here’s a woman, she’s supposed to fight all of these different things and she can’t make it 15 feet to her car! Give me a break.”
  • Avlon also noted that Trump has repeatedly raised questions about Joe Biden’s mental status in the current election, including his baseless allegation that Biden is taking performance-enhancing drugs to beat him in debates.


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trump is and always has been a traitor to our country

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