(Video) Authoritarian Pa. Lawmaker Confronted By Protesters

Rep. Cris Dush is attempting to have five Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices impeached.

Rep. Cris Dush is on a mission to impeach five of Pennsylvania's Supreme Court justices - all of whom are Democrats. Dush claims the recent ruling that struck down the state's heavily gerrymandered election maps as unconstitutional was a partisan decision and violated Pennsylvania's constitution itself.

Dush is currently seeking support for the impeachment articles in a memo circulating around Harrisburg.

In it, he argues that the five Democratic justices who signed the order overturning the map of the state's 18 congressional districts as unconstitutionally gerrymandered "blatantly and clearly contradict[ed] the plain language of the Pennsylvania Constitution," and "engaged in misbehavior in office."

Dush claims the court's order that maps be redrawn,

"overrides the express legislative and executive authority, found in Article IV, Section 15 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, concerning the Governor's veto authority and the General Assembly's subsequent authority to override such veto. Article IV, Section 15 clearly lays out the path a bill must take to become law."

State Republicans attempted to have the decision stayed by the U.S. Supreme Court, but Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. rejected the request Monday.