(Video) Armed Biden, Trump Supporters Clash Outside Democratic Rally In Georgia

Screengrab / @M2Madness / Twitter


A Biden supporter sporting a mask can be seen charging at a mask-less Trump supporter as the video opens.

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump reportedly were involved in a physical altercation outside a Biden rally in Warm Springs, Georgia, on Tuesday.

RawStory reports that “Video of the incident was captured by Twitter user AlliB77, who describes herself as an ‘unapologetic conservative.’”

As the video begins, a Biden supporter wearing a face mask can be see charging at a mask-less Trump supporter.

An armed Trump supporter then puts the Biden supporter in a chokehold before tossing him to the ground.

At that point, an armed Biden supporter tries to break up the fight.

A woman is then heard yelling, “I will fucking hurt you!”, as the two armed men square off, RawStory reported.

At one point, a woman “becomes angry and claims that one of the men involved in the skirmish is autistic,” saying: “You want to talk about my boy? You want to call my boy a retard? I will slap the god damn taste out of your mouth.”


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