VIDEO: A couple wore swastika face coverings as some kind of 'protest'

Dan Broadbent

A couple at Walmart wore swastikas as face coverings in some kind of weird "protest" against Joe Biden.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself "what the fuck is wrong with people?"

And sometimes, there's no answer that would ever be satisfactory.

This is one of those times.

On the first day of Minnesota's statewide mandate requiring face coverings in public, a couple thought it would be a good idea to wear swastikas as face coverings to protest.

This headline reads like a weird dystopian version of Mad Libs.

Writing for BuzzFeed news, David Mack reports:

Raphaela Mueller, 24, and Benjamin Ruesch, 29, who filmed the couple wearing swastikas, told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview Sunday, that they couldn't believe what they were seeing.


"I'm not a Nazi. I'm trying to show you what's going to happen in America," the unidentified woman responds. "If you vote for [Joe] Biden you're gonna be in Nazi Germany. That's what it's going to like."

Her male companion, who was wearing a Trump shirt, then says, "We're living under a socialist state."

I guess you can't argue with that logic, can you? Mostly because there's no actual logic to argue with.

It blows my mind that conservatives are so easily manipulated by simple "boogeyman" words like "socialism". I highly suspect that if you asked them to define what socialism actually is, they wouldn't have a clue. They'd talk about communism or Obama or, in this case, Biden. I guess they must hate having government oversight of utilities, roads, public schools, and so on. These people don't even know what they're arguing against, but they happily repeat words they've heard from the GOP as if they are important or actually mean anything. They're completely clueless.

Fucking what?

This is why I shop at Kroger.

Mack concluded his article with this:

Mueller, who shared the video on Facebook and who was originally born in Germany, said that seeing the couple's Nazi face cloths made her think of her great-grandmother, who she said lived in Berlin during World War II and worked to undermine Adolf Hitler's regime.

"There's a lot of pain involved because I know what my great-grandmother fought for and the sacrifices she made," said Mueller, who is training to be a Lutheran minister. "There was this mix of deep disappointment, pain, and anger."

Ruesch, a musician, said he hoped other people will confront anyone they see wearing hate symbols as masks.

"Any American who was watching the video or reading this article, this is the time to wake up and speak out if you see something like this happening," he said. "Don't be silent. Think of those who cannot or will not speak. Be the kind of person to say this is wrong."

Wear a mask. Science says they work to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

But perhaps we deserve to be eradicated.


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