Video: 75% Of GOP Voters Believe They Face Racial Discrimination For Being White

Meanwhile, more than half of registered Independent voters agreed that white Americans are discriminated against.

A new Hill-HarrisX poll revealed that the notion of “reverse racism” has taken hold among conservatives in America, with 75 percent of registered Republican voters saying that white people in the United States face discrimination.

According to Rolling Stone, most Independent voters agreed with their Republican counterparts, with 55 percent also saying White Americans are discriminated against. And 38 percent of registered Democrats say the same.

Though the three groups differ on the issue of discrimination against white Americans, all agreed that African-Americans continue to experience discrimination: 78 percent of Republicans, 82 percent of Independents, and 95 percent of Democrats hold this view.

Americans on the whole also agree that Hispanics are discriminated against in America, with 81 percent of the total registered voters in agreement.

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