Veterans Coalition Condemns Trump’s Continued Attacks On Lt. Col. Vindman



A group of more than 1,000 veterans signed a letter blasting President Trump for his treatment of Lt. Col. Vindman.

More than 1,100 U.S. veterans signed an open letter to President Donald Trump on Tuesday, condemning the Commander-in-Chief for his repeated and continued attacks against Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman over the officer’s testimony in his impeachment inquiry.

The Military Times reported that the veterans noted in the letter that military rules prevent Vindman from mounting a public defense against Trump’s attacks.

“The president should know that, despite taking aim at one Army officer, he has targeted anyone who currently wears — or has worn — the uniform,” the group wrote. “Our service members and veterans deserve the confidence of knowing that our elected leaders will come to their defense, just as they remain vigilant for ours.”

"The President’s actions and insults towards LTC Vindman are not only wrong, they carry dangerous implications. The dismissal of LTC Vindman and his brother, also an Army Lieutenant Colonel, from the National Security Council staff appears to be motivated by nothing more than political retribution and deprives the White House of expertise necessary to defend our collective national security," the letter stated. "The manner of these dismissals suggests that the Commander-in-Chief has prioritized a personal vendetta over our national security."

Vindman was escorted from the White House, alongside his twin brother, after Trump was acquitted by the Senate on two articles of impeachment earlier this month.

Despite White House insistence that the Army officer was dismissed as part of a routine down-sizing of the National Security Council, Trump has made clear in ongoing comments that the move was in retaliation for Vindman’s testimony. The Military Times reported that Trump “blasted Vindman as a sub-par worker who may have leaked government secrets.”

In their letter, organized by the anti-Trump group National Security Action, the veterans say the president’s attacks “take aim at the long-standing military code of conduct that demands that service members report wrongdoing and illegal acts through proper channels.”

Meanwhile, Trump has gone so far as to suggest that the military take further disciplinary action against Vindman; however, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said on Friday that there is no current investigation into the officer.

Read the full letter here.


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