Veteran: The V.A. Won't Cover The Liquid That Keeps Me Alive

Army Maj. D.J. Skelton, who was grazed in the head by an RPG in Iraq.U.S. Department of Defense

“I am fully aware of the fact that one can survive for two weeks without food, but come on!” -Army Maj. D.J. Skelton

In an open letter to the VA, Army Maj. D.J. Skelton - who was grazed in the head by an RPG in Iraq - takes the department to task for approving his feeding tube but failing to cover the feeding tube liquid he needs to stay alive.

On Saturday you had me go to the emergency room at my local hospital to place a feeding tube in my stomach because, with my shot-up palate deteriorating, it is getting dangerous again for me to eat or drink through the mouth.

After persuading him to switch brands, Skelton discovers the VA does not cover the brand of feeding tube liquid they talked him into:

So today, six days post-surgery, I received a letter from you informing me that the brand you recommended to me, Diabetisource, is actually not covered by the VA and I need to go find and pay for my own feeding tube liquid on my own.

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Much of the V.A.'s responsibilities to our service men and women has been outsourced to the private sector, companies with stockholders. Scandalous.


And taxpayers are subsidizing the whole rotten tomato.