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The United States Postal Service has sent letters out in 46 states and the District of Columbia that it can’t guarantee that all mail-in ballots cast for the November election will arrive in time to be counted, according toThe Washington Post.

  • These letters highlight the grim reality that many people’s votes might end up being disqualified by the postal service, even if they follow all of their state’s election rules.
  • This announcement from the postal service comes as they have begun implementing a series of cost-cutting measures and policy overhauls following the appointment of GOP mega-donor Louis DeJoy to the position of Postmaster General.
  • However, the ballot warnings were planned prior to DeJoy’s appointment, drafted at the start of the coronavirus pandemic which triggered a massive uptick in mail-in voting. Some states are expecting a nearly tenfold increase in the volume of election mail this year.
  • Martha Johnson, a spokeswoman for the USPS, said in a statement:

“The Postal Service is asking election officials and voters to realistically consider how the mail works.”

  • Many are concerned that the postal service is being interfered with in order to influence the results of the upcoming election. Celina Stewart, senior director of advocacy and litigation with the nonpartisan League of Women Voters, said:

“The slowdown is another tool in the toolbox of voter suppression. That’s no secret. We do think this is a voter-suppression tactic.”

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