US Spends More On Trump’s Trips To Mar-A-Lago Than On The CDC’s Climate Program


The CDC has failed Americans by neglecting its responsibility to address climate change.

According to Rolling Stone, a report published by Columbia Journalism Investigates and the Center for Public Integrity exposes how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has endangered Americans by failing to address climate change.

  • Extreme heat has already killed over 10,000 Americans in the past decade. Known as “the silent killer,” heat waves are poised to affect 74 percent of the world population by 2100, according to a study published by the Nature Climate Change.
  • Charlie Rhodes, a 61-year-old Army veteran, died alone in his Arizona home and wasn’t found until three weeks later. His autopsy confirmed what the broken air conditioner indicated: he died from environmental heat exposure.
  • Rolling Stone’s Jeff Goodell found that those most vulnerable to extreme implications of climate change are the “old, sick, poor, homeless, unlucky” and even the unborn.
  • The report demonstrates the negligence of the CDC’s climate program to “help educate and staff local public-health departments,” leaving most of them underfunded and understaffed. Florida health officials prevented the “climate team from publicly acknowledging global warming’s link to heat” and subsequently evicted the program.
  • Under the Trump administration, the CDC’s climate budget is a mere $10 million while Trump’s travel to Mar-a-Lago boasts a $64 million price tag. Trump’s politicization of the CDC amidst the pandemic mirrors his decisions to ease up air pollution rules and open protected areas for commercial fishing: taxpayers are left to bear the brunt of paying “six times more flying Trump down to Florida to play golf than we do to protect 330 million Americans from the deadly health impacts of climate change.”

Efforts to combat the impending climate crisis would require little effort and money. However, Rolling Stone points to the political motivations for “rich white guys” to ignore the crisis: “Rich white guys can crank up the air-conditioning when it gets hot. But what about everyone else?”

The “corrupt and broken political system” that allowed both an old man to die alone due to heat exposure and a black man to be choked to death by a police officer is reflective of the “corrupt and broken humanity of the people who run that system.”

Read the full report.

Header image: Screengrab / Inside Edition / YouTube


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