US Senator Warns That The 2020 Election Could Be Held Under “Martial Law”

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Julie Zheng

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden has warned that the 2020 US presidential election could be held under “martial law.”

As federal squads have been sent to more cities, the 2020 US presidential election could be held under “martial law,” warned Oregon Senator Ron Wyden (D), according to Independent.

  • Portland had been “invaded by militarized law enforcement,” Wyden said at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Wednesday. “If the line is not drawn in the sand right now, America may be staring down the barrel of martial law in the middle of a presidential election.”
  • President Donald Trump has announced the deployment of federal law enforcement agents to more cities run by the “radical left”, saying, “Portland was totally out of control. The Democrats the liberal Democrats running the place had no idea what they were doing. They were ripping down, for 51 days, ripping down that city. Destroying the city. Looting it.”
  • Officers from the US Customs and Border Protection’s Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) were sent to Portland to defend federal buildings. Department of Homeland Security acting Secretary Chad Wolf said there have been 43 federal arrests in Portland by federal law enforcement agencies, including the DHS and US Marshals, since July 4.
  • Wolf said Tuesday that “violent anarchists in Portland vs normal city criminal activity, behaviour by gangs, by criminal elements throughout the country. Those are two different things. The president, you can certainly ask the White House and others, that’s what he was referring to.”

“Free speech and free assembly were sacrosanct,” the Department of Justice’s nomination Patrick Hovakimian said on Wednesday when Wyden asked him if the federal actions in Portland were legal.

  • Hovakimian stated that “peaceful protest is one thing and violence is another.”
  • The federal actions in Portland were “unconstitutional” and that the law shouldn’t be used to justify the invasion, Wyden said.

Since May 28th, “over 425 demonstrations and 260 attacks at federal facilities occurred across the country,” Federal Protective Security deputy director of operations Richard Cline said. Title 40 section 1315 of the US Code gives federal officers legal authority to “do investigation both on and off federal property based on alleged crimes that occur on federal property,” he said.

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