US Navy Seal Facing War Crimes Trial Allegedly Bragged About Killing 200 People


Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher allegedly boasted that he killed "three a day", according to one witness.

According to the Daily Beast, a Navy SEAL is expected to go on trial mid-February for charges of multiple war crimes. The crimes include the murder of a teen who was supposedly a combatant for ISIS. However, the Los Angeles Times reported that the Navy SEAL, Edward Gallagher, had bragged about killing nearly 200 people while he was deployed and allegedly fired at civilians as well. Other SEALs were given immunity to testify in his trial.

One witness claims that Gallagher said he killed  “three a day,” instructing him to “do the math” to obtain the total, per the newspaper. Gallagher also stands charged with shooting two civilians, a little girl and elderly man, and firing indiscriminately at civilians while overseas.

In the murder of the ISIS combatant, Gallagher is "alleged to have stabbed a wounded Islamic State fighter in the body and neck until he died, then posed for a photograph next to the body," an earlier Daily Beast report noted.

Gallagher's attorneys have asked the judge to bar some of the witnesses' testimony about their client's comments, arguing that they are too prejudicial.