US Justice Department Is Monitoring Voting In Steve King’s Iowa District


Rep. Steve King's district, where 26% of the population is Hispanic or Latino, is the only one in Iowa to be monitored.

Republican Rep. Steve King’s congressional district is one that the Justice Department will be monitoring for voting rights compliance on Tuesday — a district where 26 percent of the population identifies as Hispanic or Latino.

From The Des Moines Register:

> Federal personnel will be sent to northwest Iowa's Buena Vista County, which has a large population of immigrants employed in agriculture and the meat packing industry in the Storm Lake area.


> Buena Vista County is among 35 jurisdictions in those 19 states that will be monitored for compliance with federal voting laws, and it is the only jurisdiction targeted in Iowa, according to the Justice Department.

King is facing a challenge this year by Democrat J.D. Scholten of Sioux City, as the Republican has continued facing blowback from his repeated racist and inflammatory statements on immigration.

> There are about 20,000 people in Buena Vista County. About 26 percent are identified as Hispanic or Latino, 9 percent Asian, 3 percent black or African-American, more than 1 percent native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, and more than 1 percent two or more races, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Many of the immigrants are not native English speakers.

This year’s monitoring efforts are in line with previous elections, the Register noted:

> The number of jurisdictions being monitored by the Department of Justice is roughly on par with the previous midterm election, according to the Wall Street Journal. In 2014, the Obama administration deployed monitors to 28 jurisdictions in 18 states. During the previous presidential election in 2016, the department monitored 67 jurisdictions in 28 states, the Journal said.

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