1.White House clarifies that Kellyanne Conway was suspended for a week from appearing on behalf of the White House because she was “off message”.

It was previously reported by AOL News (link), the Washington Post (link), Alternet (link) and New York Daily News (link) that she been “banned”.

Conway denies that she was suspended from appearing on television.

Conway claims that she spent last week buying a home and being a mom.

On Hannity tonoght, Conway said that the media is “presumptively negative about her“. [The Intellectualist]

If it feels like you haven’t seen Kellyanne Conway on TV in a while, you are not imagining things.

The counselor to President Donald Trump, one of the new administration’s most visible faces, was pulled off the air by the White House, CNN’s Dylan Byers reported Wednesday afternoon.

Byers added in a tweet that Conway’s hiatus was temporary.

“Kellyanne Conway now tells me she’ll be going on Fox News tonight…”

It has been more than a week since Conway appeared on television – an eternity, by her standard. The White House continued to trot her out after she coined the phrase “alternative facts,” cited a “Bowling Green massacre” that never happened and promoted Ivanka Trump’s products on Fox News, but apparently Trump could not abide statements that undermined the administration’s official message.

Last Monday, she said on MSNBC that then-national security adviser Michael Flynn “does enjoy the full confidence of the president.” Less than an hour later, White House press secretary Sean Spicer contradicted her when he said that Trump was “evaluating the situation.” Flynn resigned as national security adviser that night.

The next day, Conway appeared on multiple morning shows and said it was Flynn’s decision to step down. But Spicer again contradicted her when he said in his daily press briefing that Trump “asked for and received [Flynn’s] resignation.”