UPDATE: Journalist Rejects Claim She Called Kayleigh McEnany A "Lying B****"


Journalist Kimberly Halkett has rejected the claim that she called the White House press secretary the derogatory name.

Al Jazeera journalist Kimberly Halkett has rejected reports that she called White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany a "lying bitch" during Tuesday's press briefing.

Halkett claimed in a tweet that she said, "Okay, you don't want to engage."

Video that began circulating Tuesday afternoon suggested that someone had called McEnany the derogatory name, though it was not immediately clear who made the comment.

To be clear, if the comment was made, it was highly unprofessional, despite the onslaught of daily lies and hypocrisy from the Trump administration over the past three and a half years.

Respect for basic decorum must be preserved, even when the President of the United States fails to do so himself.


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