Unsurprisingly, Trump Wins The “Golden Idiot Award” For Fourth Consecutive Year


Germany's 'Heute-Show' has bestowed its Golden Idiot award upon Donald Trump for the fourth year in a row.

For the fourth year running, President Donald Trump has received the Golden Idiot award from Germany's Heute-Show, sharing the honor this year with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, among others.

Via Newsweek:

As Rick Noack pointed out Monday in The Washington Post, European media has taken a particular liking to spoof Trump and his administration. Germany's Heute-Show, presented by comedian and journalist Oliver Welke on the ZDF network, named Trump a Goldener Vollpfosten—translated as "Golden Idiot" or "Golden Dumbass"—for the fourth year in a row, sharing this year's title with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un and the whole United Kingdom, among others.

But the president’s foreign comedic detractors are not limited to Germany.

From the outset of his bid for office, Trump has inspired satire across the globe, despite his insistence that America is respected again now that he occupies the White House.

Shortly after Trump's inauguration early last year, a number of Europeans took shots at Trump's nationalist "America First" slogan, with a series of videos that reached out to the leader to invite them to their home countries "in his own words." The trend then expanded to China, India, Malaysia and further around the world, with the more popular versions getting tens of millions of views.

Even prior to this election, Trump's candidacy alone made him a popular target abroad, with the then-Republican frontrunner's aggressive demeanor being mocked in an Egyptian Twinkies commercial from June 2016. Following Trump's surprise win, Cairo-based Peace Cake Productions released "Election Results!" a parody of Trump's crass language, plans to build a border wall and alleged collusion with Russia, based on singer Hussain al-Jassmi's hit "Good Omen," which itself came out in 2014 in response to the election of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.

Trump's mannerisms have also run him into trouble in Africa, which—along with Latin America—he allegedly described as having "shithole" countries during a meeting in January. In response, tourism companies from Namibia and Zambia released advertisements poking fun at the president, while defending their countries' reputation.

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