United Nations: U.S. To Blame For The Global Erosion Of Human Rights

Screengrab / Norad / Youtube

UN deputy high commissioner for human rights criticized the US for supporting policies that violate human rights.

The United Nations deputy high commissioner for human rights, Kate Gilmore, accused the United States of leading an attack on environmental protection, women's rights, and abortion rights. Gilmore criticized the U.S., under the Trump administration, of leading the world in policies that violate human rights, according to qz.com.

“When the United States starts to sneeze under the force of the pneumonia of afactual, illegal, and ascientific policy, everybody starts to catch the same cold,” Gilmore stated at the Women Deliver conference in Vancouver, Canada.

Gilmore pointed specifically to President Trump’s reinstatement of the ‘gag rule’ which blocks federal funding to non-governmental institutions that perform abortions or advocate and give counseling on abortions. The Trump administration has been accused of supporting anti-abortion movements that have resulted in strong anti-abortion laws in states like Alabama, Louisiana, and Ohio.

Gilmore went on to state that “This disregard for truth is so deeply troubling...Whatever the administration believes it is entitled to do, it is not entitled to its own facts.” She then concluded that when the U.S. challenges women’s rights to reproductive health they are participating in rolling back “the underpinnings of a whole global order” based on a global commitment to lowering maternal mortality and promoting women’s health

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