Under Trump, The US Has Become One Of The Deadliest Countries For Journalists

The U.S. ranks fifth in Reporters Without Borders' annual list of the world's deadliest countries for journalists.

The deaths of six reporters in 2018 has earned the United States a top spot in Reporters Without Borders’ annual list of the world’s deadliest countries for journalists, according to Axios.

Tying India for the fifth perilous country — behind Afghanistan, where 15 journalists were killed; Syria, with 11; Mexico, with 9; and Yemen, with 8 — the United States lost 6 reporters this year.

Four of the deaths in the U.S. occurred during the Capital Gazette shooting in Maryland — two others occurred while covering Subtropical Storm Alberto in North Carolina.

The report states there is an "unprecedented" level of worldwide hostility against members of the media, highlighting that the number of journalists killed while doing their jobs spiked 8% to 80 in 2018. In addition, 348 journalists are currently in prison across the globe, and 60 are being held hostage.

Axios also noted the report’s mention of the role social media networks play in this increasingly dangerous climate for the world’s journalists:

"Amplified by social networks, which bear heavy responsibility in this regard, these expressions of hatred legitimize violence, thereby undermining journalism, and democracy itself, a bit more every day."

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