Under Trump, The United States Has Dropped To 33rd Place On Freedom Index

Megan Everts

The United States has continued its decrease on the annual Freedom in the World Index under Trump's leadership.

The United States has experienced a “relative and absolute decline” in Freedom House’s annual Freedom in the World Index, as it has dropped to 33rd place, reported Foreign Policy.

  • After 2009, when the U.S. placed 22nd on the list, its ranking began to fall due to “policy initiatives and Supreme Court rulings backed by conservatives that amped up the power of money in politics, gerrymandered electoral districts, and imposed restrictions on registration and voting.”
  • By 2018, the U.S. had fallen to 28th place.
  • “Over the three years of Trump’s tenure, the United States has now plummeted to 33rd place,” which Sarah Repucci, Freedom House’s vice president for research and analysis, said is “very unusual for a stable democracy.”
  • Repucci also noted that “the United States’ score of two points, out of a maximum of four, on the question of equitable treatment for different groups is almost unheard-of among democracies.”
  • This “highlights long-standing issues of structural inequality but also Trump’s sustained campaign against immigrants and refugees.”
  • Repucci said: “Many people think that there could be problems here and there but that the fundamentals of our democracy are not at risk, and I think we need to see that they are.”
  • The report noted that the Freedom House ranking tracks with other groups as well:

The United States ranks 25th, just ahead of Malta, on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, where it is counted as a “flawed democracy.” On the Civicus Monitor, which rates the conditions for “civic space,” the United States counts as “narrowed” rather than “open.” On the press freedom index maintained by Reporters Without Borders, the United States ranks 45, barely ahead of Senegal.

Foreign Policy predicted that while “a Biden victory would—ideally—usher in an era of painful self-reflection,” if Trump is reelected, “the United States will descend into a savage brawl that other nations will look upon aghast.”

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