Under Trump, The Number Of Americans Without Health Insurance Has Gone Up By 7M

Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0/Flickr

A recent Gallup poll revealed that 7 million Americans have become uninsured since President Trump took office.

President Donald Trump promised America he would rid the country of Obamacare, which he claimed was a disaster, and replace the healthcare program with something far better.

Two years into his first term, all Trump has accomplished is helping the uninsured rate reach a four-year high, as a new Gallup poll shows 7 million more Americans are going without health insurance coverage since he took office.

From Vox:

The uninsured rate is still well below where it was in 2013, before the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of health insurance coverage began. But under the Trump administration, a trend of Americans gaining coverage through the private marketplaces and the Medicaid expansion appears to be reversing.

Certain demographic groups are experiencing a greater loss of coverage than others. Gallup data shows, for example, that Americans who are younger and lower-income have seen a greater decline in insurance coverage than those who are older and wealthier. Women have had insurance rates decline more quickly than men.

At the same time, unemployment rates have been on the decline, making it all the more surprising that uninsured rates are increasing, Vox noted: when more people are working, more people have access to employer-sponsored health insurance.

So why are rates going up? Vox offers several factors:

• Obamacare premiums have risen significantly since the law took effect.

• Funding for Obamacare enrollment and outreach has also been cut significantly.

• The Trump administration has also allowed some states to require low-income residents to work in order to gain health coverage.

• A decent number of Americans think that Obamacare was repealed.

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