Under Trump’s Budget, $.62 Of Every Dollar Will Go To Military Spending

Soldiers prepare to board an Air Force C-17 Globemaster III for an airborne operation during Crescent Reach 15 and All American Week at Pope Field, N.C., May 21, 2015.DoD/Public Domain


The remaining $.38 will go to veterans care, education, job training, housing, science research, and related areas.

While slogans and speeches attempt to communicate politicians' morals, a budget reveals how they intend to act on their values. And President Trump's proposed budget shows how he values the military over everything else—literally.

In his budget, Trump hopes to take over $1 trillion of taxpayer dollars and invest $750 billion into the military. In other words, for every taxpayer dollar, 62 cents would go towards military spending. The remaining 38 cents would cover everything else: veterans’ benefits, education, job training, housing, community economic development, research, and safe drinking water and clean air. His budget would also slice billions from non-discretionary anti-poverty programs. And neither the future of medicaid nor food stamps look promising with his proposal.

The Trump budget, while claiming to have the goal of saving money, finds it reasonable to pour huge amounts of resources into military at the expense of everything else. It cuts $4.7 billion in assistance to foreign countries yet includes $164 billion in war funding. A project military branch known as space force gets $14 billion, while a program that's helped build and preserve over a million affordable homes is cut by $1.2 billion.

And yet, most Americans support military cuts and oppose cuts to humanitarian programs.

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