Under Trump, Companies Are Offshoring Jobs At A Record Pace

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Federal contractors alone sent more than 10,000 jobs overseas, all while raking in over $19 billion in government money.

As a candidate, Donald Trump promised Americans that electing him president would stop companies from sending American jobs overseas; but now he holds the nation's highest office, Trump has been unable to keep his promise.

Companies are offshoring jobs at a record pace under President Trump.

U.S. companies sent thousands of jobs overseas in his first year as president. And many of the companies responsible for offshoring jobs received huge government contracts.

In fact, according to employment data charted by Good Jobs Nation and Public Citizen, federal contractors alone outsourced 10,269 jobs while taking over $19 billion in government money.

Click here to read about companies like Hewlitt Packard, Honeywell, and Merck -- all of which sent jobs packing since Trump took office.

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Roger Kempster
Roger Kempster

I thought lying trump promised to bring jobs here --

, not ship them overseas???

Maria Zion
Maria Zion

.. and you believed him



but his base will find a reason to not believe it.


His base will tow that line no matter what even with absolute proof and will then blame the democrats for it. 🤦‍♀️

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