Ex-Trump adviser Jason Miller admits that he has been hiring sex workers since 2001 according to Mediaite. In a videotaped deposition, he said as recently as a few months ago, he had been hiring prostitutes and visiting “hand job” massage parlors.

Miller’s deposition comes as part of his lawsuit against Gizmodo, a digital media company.

Miller is accusing Gizmodo of smearing Miller in an article that alleges he slipped an “abortion pill” into the drink of a sex worker that he had impregnated. Miller denies the allegations.

While Miller is unwilling to admit to that crime, he freely admits to soliciting prostitution, which is illegal in the cities that Miller admitted to doing so. He said he had been paying for sex since 2001, and only a few months ago, he visited a “happy ending” massage parlor.

Formerly, Miller was the chief spokesman for the Trump transition team. More recently, he was a CNN contributor.

Miller has admitted to affairs with former Trump campaign advisor A.J. Delgado and Catherine Frazier, a secretary for Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign. Both affairs occurred while Miller’s wife was pregnant.

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