Under DeVos, The Dept. Of Education Seeks To Ease Rule For Schools Accreditation


The move would potentially allow colleges to retain accreditation without meeting all federal standards.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos wants to roll back regulations on school accreditation which would allow colleges to outsource programs and add new ones without getting approval.

Supporters say these changes would streamline the accreditation process and encourage innovation, whereas critics have expressed concern that oversight of colleges would be dismantled as a result, The Chronicle of Higher Education noted.

Such a change in regulations would affect accreditors’ oversight of colleges and the standards that institutions must meet. The proposal includes expanding colleges’ ability to make a wider range of changes without first getting an accreditor’s approval and would allow accreditors to maintain approval even if the school does not meet all federal standards.

The number of programs eligible for federal aid would also increase, resulting in a rise in costs for the Pell Grant program by $3.74 billion over 10 years. The regulatory overhaul also includes provisions suggested by industry groups, a Senate task force on regulation of higher education, and Career Education Colleges and Universities, the for-profit college trade group.

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