Unable To Secure Talent, Trump’s White House Is Pitching Jobs At A Job Fair

The Trump administration has resorted to a jobs fair as it continues struggling to retain employees and fill positions.

An administration that has struggled with higher than average staff turnover is now resorting to the unusual measure of posting job fair flyers around Washington.

Via TPM:

According to a Wednesday Politico report, flyers are circulating emblazoned with “interested in a job at the White House?” encouraging conservatives to apply at a Friday job fair on Capitol Hill.

It advertises the presence of Trump administration officials eager to meet with interested parties “of every experience level.”

The job fair – hosted by Conservative Partnership Institute – is also aimed at staffing helping staff NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services.

According to an unnamed Obama administration official, taking such steps are virtually unheard of, as White House positions are generally highly sought after.

The official added that West Wing jobs are rarely even listed on the official job site for the federal government, and that the Obama administration only recruited to increase the diversity of White House staff.