Ukraine Ambassador: Fate Decided By State Department’s Consultation with Hannity


The State Department consulted with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, in a recently released transcript of testimony.

Former Ukrainian ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified that State Department officials consulted with Fox News host Sean Hannity to dig deeper into the smear campaign being leveled against her, according to Raw Story

The transcript released by the House of Representative Monday revealed that Yovanovitch was asked by Rep. Adam Schiff (D.-CA) if she knew how Secretary of State Mike Pompeo felt about the attacks directed towards her by Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani. 

“I was told...that the Secretary or perhaps somebody around him was going to place a call to Mr. Hannity on Fox News to say, you know, what is going on?” she said. “I mean, do you have proof of these kinds of allegations or not? And if you have proof, you know, tell me, and if not, stop.”

The call was apparently placed to Hannity, although Yovanovitch couldn’t say for sure who at the department spoke with him.

“And for a time, you know, things kind of simmered down,” she said. 

Read the full testimony here.


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