UK Prepared To Veto Russia’s Readmission To G7 After Trump Floats Invitation

Megan Everts

President Donald Trump wants to add Russia to the G7, but the UK plans to veto this addition.

President Donald Trump has floated readmitting Russia to the G7, but the UK said it is prepared to veto the move, according to the Independent.

  • Russia was “expelled from what was then the G8 in 2014 over its illegal annexation of Crimea.”
  • This year, the U.S. is hosting the G7 summit, and Trump wants to invite “Russia, alongside South Korea, Australia and India, as part of an alliance to discuss future relations with China.”
  • Trump described this future gathering as “potentially a ‘G10 or ‘G11,’ raising the prospect of a formal expansion of membership.”

However, the process of formally expanding the membership of the G7 is not easy.

  • Other G7 members, such as the UK, “hold vetos on proposed changes to the membership of the body.”
  • Boris Johnson’s official spokesman “left no doubt the UK was ready to wield its veto to prevent readmission of Russia,” saying: “We would not support [Russia] being readmitted as a member of the group unless it ceases aggressive and destabilising activity that threatens the safety of UK citizens and the collective security of our allies.”

Although Trump is allowed to invite anyone to the meeting, since the U.S. is the hosting country, it is unlikely that he will be able to achieve his goal of adding official members to the G7.

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