UBI Has Been Added To 2018 California Dem Platform

The California Democratic Party added universal basic income to the latest draft of its platform.

As the threat of automation continues permeating job markets, more Americans are looking to universal basic income (UBI) as a possible short- or long-term solution to shrinking job opportunities.

To date, UBI has been largely a 'fringe' issue, championed by those who fall farther left on the political spectrum. But the concept is gaining steam within the establishment as well.

Case in point -- Democrats in California have officially added UBI to their party platform.

The draft approved Sunday at the party's convention, the 2018 California Democratic Party Platform promotes UBI, among other policies, in support of pursuing the American Dream:

All people deserve the opportunity to pursue the American Dream and have the financial resources to live in economic security. We support efforts to enact programs, such as a guaranteed government jobs program and a universal basic income/rent or housing to eliminate poverty while improving prospects to secure good jobs that help people climb the economic ladder.

Recent polling has shown that Americans are warming to the idea of UBI -- earlier this year, 48 percent of Americans viewed UBI as a positive solution to a changing work environment.

But drawing in big-name politicians (apart from Senator Bernie Sanders) has proven difficult to this point.

Last year, former Vice President Joe Biden voiced strong opposition to the idea of UBI, writing in a Biden Institute blog post,

While I appreciate concerns from Silicon Valley executives about what their innovations may do to American incomes, I believe they're selling American workers short. The future will not change the enduring American values that got us here. Our children and grandchildren deserve the promise we've had: the skills to get ahead, the chance to earn a paycheck, and a steady job that rewards hard work.

While the country surely will argue the value of UBI for some time to come, the decision by California Democrats lends credence to a potential solution of which many Americans remain unaware.