U.S. Judge: Flint Residents May Sue U.S. Government Over Contaminated Water

Screengrab / CBC / Youtube

Flint residents have a case against the EPA's failure to act quickly to tackle the city's foul-smelling, toxic water.

Federal Judge Linda Parker says that Flint residents can sue the federal government for the Environmental Protection Agency's failure to take action to stop the water crisis.

“Federal Judge Linda Parker didn't determine whether EPA employees were negligent when Flint's water system became contaminated with lead in 2014 and 2015,” ABC News reports. Instead, the decision is currently more specific, and the judge announced Thursday that the government can be sued for waiting too long to act.

According to Parker, EPA employees had knowledge of lead in Flint's water from old pipes because the water wasn't being treated properly. She continued that the EPA was aware of Michigan regulators' misinformation about the water's quality.

The "lies went on for months," the judge said.

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