U.S. Amb. To UN: I Believe In Both Sides Of The Climate ‘Debate’

U.S. Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft.Screengrab/Global News/YouTube


Kelly Craft, currently the U.S. ambassador to the UN, has said she thinks there are "accurate" scientists on both sides.

President Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations has said she believes there are “accurate” scientists on 'both sides' of the climate change debate.

In 2017, Craft told CBC that “both sides of science” inform her beliefs about climate change — a remarkable stance, considering the two sides are diametrically opposed.

Nevertheless, Craft told the news outlet: “I think that both sides have their own results, from their studies, and I appreciate and I respect both sides of the science.”

Asked about Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement, Craft responded: “I think that the approach may seem different, but we all have the same goal. And that is to better our environment and maintain the environment.”

She added, "Therefore, I feel like our administration has been on top of this regardless of whether or not they would be pulling out."

Craft also said during the interview the she believes “there are scientists on both sides that are accurate."

Reuters noted that Craft and McConnell hail from the same state of Kentucky, and Craft has been a top Republican donor.

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This level of representation is beyond embarrassing for the United States. We know Craft can't reference one study. No different than Sarah Palin's supposedly wide range of reading material.

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