U.S. Agents Attempted To Deport A Man For ‘Looking’ Mexican

Two U.S. border agents tried to force a man across the border to Mexico because he 'looked like he was Mexican'.

Two U.S. border agents were reprimanded after an incident in March 2017 involving their attempt to force a man across the border in Calexico, California simply because he looked Mexican.

Mexican authorities on the other side captured the incident on cellphone video, and can be heard challenging the U.S. agents on their methods:

“If that man is a Mexican citizen, he should be properly repatriated, through the Mexican consulate in the U.S. and after his identity and nationality have been confirmed.”

The U.S. agents were unsure whether the man was Mexican, but one agent seemed content with the fact that the man merely looked the part -- “Looks like he’s a Mexican”, he says on the video.

Neither attempted to determine the man's identity.

The U.S. border agents continue their attempt to force the man to cross; the man appears to be mentally disturbed and had suffered an injury to his knee.

Eventually, the two U.S. border agents allowed the man to walk away on the American side of the border.

About one month later, after being hospitalized, the man was found to be Mexican and returned to Mexico following the proper protocols.

Mexican authorities filed a complaint with Border Protection Agency, and the two agents were reprimanded but not fired.

An agency spokesperson said the agents’ actions were "not consistent with our normal procedures" but that "the video merely showed an isolated incident".