U.K. Official Refers To Donald Trump As A “Sexual Predator” And A “Racist”

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily ThornberryRwendland / CC-BY-2.0 / Flickr
William James

Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry believes that state visits from foreign dignitaries to the United Kingdom are usually an honor. However, for Thornberry, President Donald Trump's state visit to London, England challenges this presumption. During a radio talk show, Thornberry called the President of the United States, "a sexual predator. [and]..a racist," according to Politico.

In her radio interview, Thornberry recalled the ways in which the British government has attempted to work with the U.S. during Trump's presidency. She questioned the methods that the British government has taken in approaching the president, since “fawning all over him” and “holding his hand” has been ineffective.

While Thornberry claims to admire the U.S. and its values, she cannot bring herself to respect its president, as he is uniformly unpopular in the U.K. Thornberry supports the anti-Trump protest rallies, believing them to be an appropriate response. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn likewise harbors such attitudes towards the U.S. president exemplified by his decision to boycott Trump’s state visit.

"When you have a close friend and they’re going wrong, you are more likely to be more adamant with them, clearer with them, than with someone who has not been as close a friend”.

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