TX Lt Gov: BLM Indoctrinates Children With Communism, Turns Them Against Parents

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Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is warning that Black Lives Matter is turning children "against their own parents."

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick warned during an appearance on Fox News that Black Lives Matter is trying to take over the education system, seeks to indoctrinate children with communism and is “turning them against their own parents.”


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The Lieutenant Governor of Texas is the presiding officer of the Texas Senate. Too bad he does not know that Texas is a right to work state and there are no teachers unions. Teachers unions have the right to collective bargaining. We have none of that in TX. Furthermore, stating that Black Livers Matter as an organization is communist shows that the man needs a new civics lesson soon. Communism as an ideology believes that societies can achieve full social equality by eliminating private property. Do you hear that anywhere in the movement? No. Shameful behavior that Ingraham rolls with.

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