Two White Men Beat Black Man With Baseball Bats In Oregon Park

Jessica Johnson / Facebook

Artivia Tahir

Police are investigating the beating of a black man by two white men in Portland as a potential hate crime

An incident involving the beating of a Black man by two White men in Oregon has launched a police investigation, according to The Oregonian.

  • A Black man was assaulted by two men with a baseball bat in a Portland park on July 3, and police are investigating to determine if the assault was racially motivated because a witness told the police that one of the men used a “derogatory term.”
  • In a Facebook post by Jessica Johnson, the woman who witnessed the crime, she describes the incident and explicitly calls it a hate crime:

“I saw the man get hit with these metal bats; while he was pleading for them to stop, they were hurling vicious racial slurs. I haven’t seen a hate crime of this magnitude in person. And it was appalling how many people saw this happening and just walked past.”

  • The incident triggered a protest at the park that drew a crowd of roughly 75 people who were heard chanting “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!” and “No justice, no peace.”
  • The suspects are yet to be apprehended.

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The cowards who walked by, are just as disgusting as these bat wielding POS

Allison L Shaw
Allison L Shaw

Somebody knows who these racist pos's are, and no doubt they have bragged to many about what they did. Do the right thing, folks, and turn them in.
And shame on those who walked by and did nothing to stop the assault and help the victim. My 12 yr old granddaughter has more courage and moral character than all y'all.

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