An incident involving the beating of a Black man by two White men in Oregon has launched a police investigation, according to The Oregonian.

  • A Black man was assaulted by two men with a baseball bat in a Portland park on July 3, and police are investigating to determine if the assault was racially motivated because a witness told the police that one of the men used a “derogatory term.”
  • In a Facebook post by Jessica Johnson, the woman who witnessed the crime, she describes the incident and explicitly calls it a hate crime:

“I saw the man get hit with these metal bats; while he was pleading for them to stop, they were hurling vicious racial slurs. I haven’t seen a hate crime of this magnitude in person. And it was appalling how many people saw this happening and just walked past.”

  • The incident triggered a protest at the park that drew a crowd of roughly 75 people who were heard chanting “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!” and “No justice, no peace.”
  • The suspects are yet to be apprehended.

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