Two Trump Advisers Have Been Accused Of Forcing Mistresses To Have Abortions

On the left is Jason Miller. On the right is Elliot Broidy.Screengrab / CNN / YouTube; Screengrab / r/ / YouTube


Allegedly, Jason Miller surreptitiously fed Jane Doe an abortion pill; Shera Bechard felt threatened by Elliot Broidy.

Two former advisers to President Donald Trump have been accused of impregnating their mistresses and attempting to force them to abort their pregnancies, according to Hollywood Reporter and the Los Angeles Times.

  • Jason Miller was Trump’s appointee for White House communications director in 2017, POLITICO reports, although he resigned two days after the appointment was announced.
  • The Reporter explains that according to allegations documented in a sealed family court filing, after Miller impregnated a mistress, identified only as Jane Doe, he put an abortion pill into a smoothie that he gave to her, which Doe drank.
  • The allegations go on to say that Miller’s actions terminated the pregnancy and nearly killed Doe.
  • Elliot Broidy was a finance vice-chair for Trump’s presidential inaugural committee, POLITICO states.
  • The Times reports that according to the lawsuit against him, in 2017, Broidy impregnated Shera Bechard after insisting on not using condoms on the night of September 24, 2017.
  • Although Broidy initially supported Bechard having the baby, he later demanded she abort the pregnancy. Bechard alleges that she felt threatened by Broidy and that Keith Davidson, her attorney who arranged a settlement with Broidy, “went ballistic” when she said she wanted to keep the child.
  • Miller filed a defamation lawsuit against Gizmodo, the website that initially reported on the allegations against him. However, U.S. District Court Judge Cecilia Altonago ruled against Miller in 2019.
  • Jessica Stebbins Bina, an attorney for Broidy, called the allegations “false and disgusting attempts to malign Mr. Broidy’s character and embarrass him.”

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