Twitter Won’t Use Algorithm To Kick-Off Racists Because It Would Ban Republicans

@realDonaldTrump / Twitter

Twitter fears being accused of anti-conservative bias if it implements an algorithm to clear racism off the site.

Business Insider reports that Twitter has held back on implementing an algorithm to crack down on Neo-Nazis and white supremacists because the accounts of some Republican politicians could be reported too.

At a company meeting, an employee recently asked why Twitter couldn’t use the same algorithm it used to identify and eliminate ISIS accounts for white supremacists. Another employee explained that the algorithm could result in some innocent peoples’ accounts being flagged by accidents.

In a separate conversation, the same employee reportedly said that another concern with a white supremacist algorithm was that it could accidentally flag some Republican politician accounts.

Twitter has denied the accuracy of the report on the exchange. "The characterization of the exchange at the meeting of March 22nd is also completely factually inaccurate. There are no simple algorithms that find all abusive content on the Internet and we certainly wouldn't avoid turning them on for political reasons.”

Twitter currently uses human moderators to restrain white nationalist propaganda.

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