Twitter's CEO Is Unsure If He’d Ban Trump For Soliciting Murder On His Platform

Screengrab/PBS NewsHour/YouTube

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey isn't sure there's anything President Trump could tweet that would be cause for removal.

Twitter is notorious for rampant harassment and abuse among the social media platform’s users, and its CEO Jack Dorsey is notorious for his sometimes lackluster response to such issues — take for example his decision not to ban InfoWars’ Alex Jones until he essentially had no choice.

But in a recent interview with HuffPost’s Ashley Feinberg, Dorsey waffled on a question that almost defies the imagination: if President Donald Trump explicitly called for murder, would Twitter remove his account?

Asked if there is anything Trump could do to get himself banned from Twitter, Dorsey indicated probably not:

“Yeah, I mean, we’ve talked about this a lot, so I’m not going to rehash it,” the CEO began. “We believe it’s important that the world sees how global leaders think and how they act. And we think the conversation that ensues around that is critical.”

But if the president tweeted to his followers that he wanted a particular journalist murdered, would that be acceptable?

Dorsey seemed unsure how the platform would handle such a situation.

“That would be a violent threat. We’d definitely ... You know we’re in constant communication with all governments around the world. So we’d certainly talk about it,” he said.

Pressed further, Dorsey simply declined to answer the hypothetical question.

“I’m not going to talk about particulars. We’ve established protocol, it’s transparent. It’s out there for everyone to read. We have, independent of the U.S. president, we have conversations with all governments. It’s not just limited to this one.”

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