Turkey’s Dictator Meets With Vladimir Putin In Russia, Putin Appears Triumphant

Paula Chertok🗽 on Twitter
Paula Chertok🗽 on Twitter

“#Russia is about to carve up #Syria. Watch an almost giddy #Putin welcome #Erdogan to Moscow today. He does that hand hug thing, putting his other hand on their very warm handshake, and says what I think is “you bring good weather.” They chuckle. https://t.co/zrKEYLKZ3G”


The heads of Russia and Turkey met in Sochi on Tuesday to discuss Syria, where the US has backed down in recent weeks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing situation in northern Syria.

As Putin greeted his Turkish counterpart, the Russian leader appeared triumphant, warmly shaking hands, smiling and reportedly remarking that Erdogan brought with him “good weather.”

Russia was gifted a greater role in the region after President Donald Trump decided to withdraw U.S. armed forces from northern Syria ahead of Turkey’s planned offensive against the U.S.-allied Kurds.

“I would like to express hope that the level of Russian-Turkish relations will play an important role on resolving all the complex issues that the region is facing,” Putin said on Tuesday, according to Ruptly.

Erdogan responded, “This meeting will allow us to discuss more details of the situation and to reach a good decision.” He added that there is “no doubt” that Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” — Erdogan’s name for the anti-Kurd offensive — will “change the situation in the region.”



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