Tulsi Gabbard Raised -$20 In Fundraising Last Quarter


Gabbard's energy has gone into her presidential campaign to the detriment of her congressional campaign.

Last quarter, Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) raised only $11 in fundraising for her re-election campaign. Her campaign committee also had to pay a $31 contribution refund, meaning that for the three month time period, Gabbard raised negative $20 according to The Daily Beast.

During that quarter, the committee spend $8,828.59, most of which was spent on financial compliance. The lack of fundraising for or spending on the race has raised questions as to whether Gabbard will go back to congress. In 2018 in the same quarter, Gabbard raised over $225,000 in net contributions.

Democratic state Senator Kai Kahele is now competing for Gabbard’s position. “What Hawaii needs is a full time representative in Congress who will show up and whoʻs sole focus is fighting on behalf of the people of the 2nd Congressional District,” Kahele said.

Still, if Gabbard decided to run, she could very well win. This is because she could easily raise money due to the national political following she gained during her presidential campaign. Her campaign raised $1.5 million in the second quarter. If she stopped running for president, campaign finance laws say that she can transfer the money she raised in her presidential campaign to her congressional campaign.

In contrast, Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH) is also running for the Democratic presidential nomination, but managed to raise $30,255.83 in the second quarter for his House campaign.

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what a joke of a hit piece, These hit pieces get lamer and lamer everyday. She raised $4 million for President which she can flip to her Congressional run in the unfortunate event that she isn't our next president, BTW , last Hawaiin election? She got 83% , the highest of any office seeker in Hawaii,, Why? cause she's got gravitas because she's honest ,tough and informed


Anyway she is not going to win. Mostly Indians contributed to her kitty.

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