Tucson Mayor: Trump Owes Our City At Least $80K From Past Rally

President Trump at a campaign rally in Tucson, Arizona, on Monday.Screengrab / Fox Business / YouTube


The Trump campaign has yet to reimburse the city of Tucson for security expenses from a 2016 campaign rally.

According to The Independent, the mayor of Tucson, Arizona, wrote to the Trump campaign ahead of President Trump’s Monday rally asking them to respect the city’s coronavirus safety measures and square up on the $80,000 the campaign still owes from Trump’s previous visit.

On Monday morning Regina Romero revealed that she has written to the campaign begging them to follow guidelines introduced to halt Covid-19, saying: “It would be deeply unfortunate if one gathering jeopardised all the progress we have made thus far.”

The mayor also wrote in her letter requesting that the campaign repay the expenses from Mr Trump’s May 2016 campaign stop, which are still outstanding.

  • “As a friendly reminder,” Romero wrote. “The campaign does have $80,000 in outstanding expenses owed to the city from a 2016 rally held at the Tucson Convention Center.”
  • She continued: “In addition, based on our current understanding of your campaign event on Monday, the City’s cost estimate for public safety response services is $50,000. Since this is a campaign event, we respectfully request that you reimburse the city and its taxpayer for these expenses.”

  • Romero said the campaign had not responded to the letter.

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