Tucker Carlson: Wind Energy Won’t Power Your Home When It’s Cold Outside


“How is wind power going to hear your house when it’s 30 below?” -Tucker Carlson

Thursday night, Tucker Carlson appeared on Fox News to discuss energy alternatives and how they pertain to Democrats pushing new climate policy such as the Green New Deal. Speaking on the topic of wind power, Carlson claimed that the energy source is a scam.

“It’s an elaborate rip off perpetuated on impoverished rural America by a few heavily subsidized corporations that are getting rich from making the landscape uglier.”

Carlson asserted that both wind and solar power would be inefficient sources unlike that of fossil fuels, specifically citing that there is no efficient means of storing solar energy when “storage is key in a power grid.” He also claimed that these alternative power sources would be unable to heat the homes of Americans when temperatures are below freezing.

These comments also come amidst a polar vortex, in which much of the Midwest is experiencing below 0ºF temperatures and over twenty people have died.

Watch here.


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