Tucker Carlson: The More Successful Women Become, The Less Successful Men Are

Fox News host Tucker Carlson believes the success of women has caused detriment to the success of men in America.

A video shared on Facebook by Media Matters for America depicted several clips of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson making claims which frame the success of women in the U.S. as creating a number of issues of men in America. The beginning of the video shows Carlson stating “the patriarchy is gone” and using statistics about women earning more money, being enrolled at greater numbers in doctoral programs, and being less likely to marry men who make less money than them.

A few other claims by Carlson include stating that female success is leading to higher incarceration rates for men as well as increased drug and alcohol abuse. He also stated the universities are now more likely to support or implement women’s studies departments “whose core goal is to attack male power. American men are failing.”