Tucker Carlson: The Metric System Is A Source Of Global Despotism

Carlson dismissed the metric system during his Fox show on June 5th, declaring it “weird, utopian."

Fox host Tucker Carlson dismissed the metric system during his show on June 5th, declaring it a “weird, utopian, inelegant creepy system”, Media Matters reported.

Carlson claimed that the United States’ customary units (our standard of measurement) were under an attack by progressives looking to undermine the American dream.

Carlson spoke glowingly of the U.S. standard system in naked nationalist terms. In his opinion, Americans had "resisted" the imposition of the metric system as a symbol of national pride.

Carlson interviewed James Panero, the cultural critic and executive editor of The New Criterion, to help make his point.

During the interview, Panero dove into the history of how the metric system was developed. Panero called the metric system, “the original system of global revolution and new world orders." He said it arose from the French Revolution, something that Carlson obviously believes was completely nefarious (it's actually really complicated).

Carlson asked, “why are our leaders so anxious that we join the rest of the world?”

“It’s assumed to be progressive,” Panero responded.

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