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Fox News host Tucker Carlson stated that the coronavirus pandemic has come to a “lull”, reports Media Matters for America. On a May 4th appearance, Carlson not only alleged that the virus is slowing down -- he also said that some politicians are “gravely disappointed” at the recent state openings, because “their own power is dissipating”.

Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight. The coronavirus epidemic appears to be easing for just a moment in this country. Many are still sick, some of those will die, but overall, for this moment anyway, there appears to be a lull. The death count yesterday was the lowest it has been in weeks. Now that could easily accelerate at some point, maybe soon, and some people are predicting it will. But the question remains for policymakers what to do next. Have mass quarantines successfully contained this virus? And growing scientific evidence suggests that they have not contained this virus very successfully.

Tucker went on to say that politicians who are against state reopenings (namely, Democrats) “loved this pandemic, every sad minute of it. It made them feel indispensable.”

Tuckers comments are full of venom for the left. They’re also full of lies.

The virus is not diminishing. According to a New York Times report, the number of positive cases has risen 2-4 percent every day, and 1,000 people have died from the virus each day for an entire month. The model created by the Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, which is widely used and quoted by the White House, has doubled its projections to 134,000 American lives lost by August.

Fox News has peddled dangerous, false news throughout the entire pandemic. This segment is no different.

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