Tucker Carlson: Police Reform Will Lead To More Police Brutality

Megan Everts

Tucker Carlson argues on his show that police reform will ultimately increase police brutality.

On a recent episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the Fox News host discusses the death of Rayshard Brooks and argues that the desire of protesters for police reform will inevitably lead to an increase in police brutality.

  • Carlson notes that Garret Rolfe, the officer who shot Brooks, has been charged with murder, in addition to ten other charges.
  • Because of this, Carlson says that many police officers in Atlanta “have walked off the job at the beginning of their shift” and that “many will retire from the force and leave.”
  • He argues that no one would “want to enforce the law in a political environment like this,” as officers are currently hated, could be killed, cannot defend themselves without fear of being charged with murder, and “make less than a plumber.”
  • Therefore, Carlson believes that this will cause the amount of good officers in the police force to decrease: “So, who’s going to take the job? Going forward we are going to get a lot of very bad people becoming police officers, and that’s one of the many ironies here.”

Carlson criticizes the growing “pressure from the mob” and argues that police brutality “will almost certainly increase” as “the worst kind of people become police.”


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