Tucker Carlson: No Company Has Hurt the U.S. More Than Twitter


The Fox News star couldn’t think of another company that’s hurt America more than Twitter, talking with Rep. Nunes.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested that Twitter was just plain evil and that no company has hurt the United States more than the social media platform, according to The Daily Beast

While speaking to Rep. Devin Nunes (R.-Ca) on Tuesday night, Carlson approached the lawmaker’s current lawsuit against Twitter. Rep. Nunes alleged that the social media company allowed parody Twitter accounts to defame him, and a judge recently ruled that his suit may move forward. 

Nunes argued that Twitter was “allowing anonymous accounts, hundreds of them, to slander and defame me on a daily basis,” and wondered if the company’s “board members really know what Twitter’s been up to.

“It’s hard to think of a company that’s hurt this country more than Twitter,” Carlson replied. “Maybe there are some. I can’t think of one. If you look at the hate and the division and the cruelty that’s now common--it wasn’t common 10 years ago. Twitter’s a huge part of that.”

Considering the network Carlson works for, critics and media were quick to react to his personal take. 

“Tucker Carlson just killed irony. RIP,” writer and Daily Beast contributor Molly Jong-Fast tweeted. 

Carlson, who has been the target of a sustained advertiser boycott over his xenophobic and infalmmatory rhetoric, insisted that Twitter “should be ashamed of themselves.”

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